Invitation for bids for Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2019

The Bishop of Edinburgh is inviting bids and nominations from people across the Diocese for what could be the focus of the Bishop’s Lent Appeal in 2019.

Bishop John Armes sponsors a Lent Appeal each year with the funds raised shared equally between two charitable organisations. One at home in Edinburgh and the UK and one elsewhere in the world.

Over the past few years we have contributed to a wide variety of projects such as sewing machines in Papua New Guinea, the work of IJM and of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.
In our home diocese we have supported Waverley Care and Faith in Older People and St John and the City Defibrillator campaign which has seen defib units hosted and installed across the city for anyone in need to use.

Although it may seem early, we would hope that you can help by submitting your suggestion by Wednesday 31st October 2018. This allows us time to contact the successful nominee to discuss their goals and expectations and allow for planning.

Nominations should be around a single A4 side of information about what they do although web links can be included. Where appropriate, please do let us know of any personal involvement with your nominee or a note about how you know of them and if available, the contact details of the charitable organisation itself.

Please send your suggestions for the attention of Bishop John at