Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2023

In the Scottish Episcopal Church we believe it is a priority to provide high-quality training to form the next generation of church leaders. We recognize how important it is to resource our Scottish Episcopal Institute and we are proud of its success. At the Lambeth Conference last year, I discovered that this is a priority shared right across the Anglican Communion, but many Provinces struggle to find a consistent funding stream for their Seminaries and Theological Colleges.

My appeal this Lent is in support of St Nicholas’ Seminary in Cape Coast, Ghana. Cape Coast is our partner diocese and I had the great joy of visiting the Seminary when I attended Bishop Victor’s enthronement 10 years ago. The Dean of the Seminary, Joseph Bain-Doodu, was in the UK last year so I learned first-hand of his struggle to provide excellent training with limited and erratic funding sources.

This water filtration project seems to me to be a wonderful example of self-help. I commend it to you and ask for your generous support. I know that the cost-of-living crisis is hitting many of us hard just now, but I hope, nevertheless, that by pooling our generosity we may help to sustain the life of a church, far away in geographical terms, but close to us within the life of Christ.

As Joseph explains, a comparatively small amount of money (for us) can make a big difference for the ongoing life of the church in West Africa.



We have set up a diocesan page at which will enable not only online donations but automatically process Gift Aid. Here is the link to make a donation: . If you wish, you may download the QR code to insert into any of your church’s printed materials.

Simon Filsell

Diocesan Administrator