Continuing Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development provision in the Diocese is open to all in authorised ministry and offers opportunities at every stage of ministry,

At the heart of our calling to hold authorised ministry in the Diocese is our calling to continue our own development and training, a calling by which we exercise responsble stewardship for the talents we have been entrusted with by God.

Aims of Continuing Ministerial Development
The aim of Continuing Ministerial Development is to provide formation and development for those in authorised ministry appropriate to their needs, giving all clergy and lay readers in the diocese the space to nourish each other and themselves as they continue with their day to day ministry. It seeks to take seriously the flourishing of the whole person in their ministerial context. On-going learning is good professional practice as well as a key aspect of discipleship.

One of the challenges we face is the definition of roles or of people. As we think about the ongoing training needs for those in authorised ministry, there is a need to be clear about the roles in which priests and lay readers exercise their ministry. Our developmental needs are less determined by whether we receive a stipend or not, and more by the focus and responsibilities of our ministry. Within the diocese, clergy have a wide range of ministries, from ministry in the workplace, to chaplaincies, to parish ministries and so forth. Continuing Ministerial Development aims to value each role and situation in which ministry is being exercised, to affirm those roles, and to develop ways to ensure our gifts are sustained and developed throughout our lives.

Continuing Ministerial Development provision in the diocese is divided into two main sections marking two different stages of ministerial life.

The first is a more formal and mandatory programme for those in their first three years of ordained or licensed ministry: Continuing Ministerial Development 1 to 3. Continuing the ethos of the Initial Ministry Education programme, priests, deacons and lay readers train alongside each other, supporting and enriching each other’s ministry.

The second part of Continuing Ministerial Development provision is for people at all stages of ministry. A series of events is established to enable this and suggestions are always welcome for other areas of development and training. Since many deacons, priests and lay readers in the diocese have their own needs and interests for their formation we also offer grants to help with the costs of individual programmes.