Continuing Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) provision in the Diocese is open to all in authorised ministry and offers opportunities at every stage of ministry,

At the heart of our calling to hold authorised ministry in the Diocese is our calling to our own lifelong development and training. This calling enables us to exercise responsible stewardship for the talents we have been entrusted with by God.

Many people serve God in a range of different ministries in the diocese – in churches, in the workplace, in chaplaincies and so on. Our developmental needs are less determined by whether we receive a stipend or not, and more by the focus and responsibilities of our ministry. CMD seeks to enable all who serve in this way to continue to reflect on God, on ministry, on the world, and to refresh them for the mission and ministry God has called them to.

CMD is divided into two main sections marking two different stages of ministerial life:

  1. CMD 1-3: This is the more formal and mandatory programme for those in their first three years of ordained or licensed ministry. Continuing the ethos of the training thus far, priests, deacons and lay readers train alongside each other, supporting and enriching each other’s ministry.
  2. CMD 4+: This is the provision is for people at all stages of ministry. A series of events – short conversations, day conferences, longer courses and longer conferences – enable different opportunities to gather together across the diocese. Please see our 2021 Programme for further details.

The Mission and Ministry Committee are also aware that many deacons, priests and lay readers in the diocese have their own needs and interests for their own ongoing formation and development and therefore grants are available to help with the costs of individual programmes.