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Vestry Officer Update

Inform us of changes in the makeup of your Vestry by using the form HERE.

Please remember to provide the Diocese with up-to-date details of your vestry officers whenever there is a change, not just in your annual report.


Training Events and Resources

Details of training events and resources to support Vestry members can be found below. Click on the event date for more information:

Roles and Responsibilities of Vestry Members 11th March 2023


The advice for charges has been provided by the Province, and you can click here for the relevant page on the SEC website.  However, we have endeavoured to put together a page of “Frequently asked questions” for you, as queries arise.  As well as the links below, you may find the answers in this FAQ section:



Church Inventory pro-forma (Word Version) – click here

Church Inventory pro-forma (PDF Version) – click here

Link to Annual Forms page

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