Godly Play

Godly Play is based on the Montessori method of pedagogy and uses a careful telling of scripture stories to encourage children (and adults!) to seek and find their own answers to faith questions. Each story is told with beautiful materials and story figures whilst children are invited to wonder about themselves, God, and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful to them. They are also invited to respond creatively to the stories, honouring the innate spiritual of children. In this way, children (and adults!) are encourged to use their curiosity and imagination to experience the mystery and joy of God, encountering the divine in a sacred space.

This original approach was developed by the Revd Dr Jerome Berryman, an American academic, theologian, priest and much else besides. More information can be found at the Godly Play Foundation website and the Godly Play UK website, whilst resources can be purchased from St Michael’s Workshop, Bowthorpe.

In Scotland, Godly Play is used in a wide range of settings, from churches to schools and care homes. Information about local circles, training and access to resources can be found on the Godly Play Scotland website.

The Diocese approves of this approach to spiritual formation and Christian education, holding a number of story resources as a ‘library’ from which congregations can borrow. Details of what we have are listed below. We also have the books, Volumes 2-7, plus an older version of Volume 1. To borrow, please contact the Advisor for Christian Life.

Godly Play Scotland also has the full range of stories available to borrow from their training room at Duddingston Kirk in Edinburgh. They ask that you don’t hold onto a story for more than 2 months. There is no charge in borrowing a story but if materials are lost or broken, they do ask for help replacing them. If you wish to borrow something, please follow this procedure:

  • At least 2 weeks before you need a story, please email the administrator, Michelle Brown, via admin@godlyplayscotland.co.uk. Tell her which story you are hoping to borrow.
  • Michelle will liaise with you a time to collect from Duddingston Kirk or, if required, for it to be delivered to you.
  • Once you are finished with the story, you re-contact Michelle to arrange a time to return it.
  • If you are attending a Godly Play event within the required time scale, it may also be possible to arrange collection/return there.