Financial Resources for Mission and Ministry

Grants for the continuing education and development of those in authorised ministry in the diocese

Grants to contribute towards costs of continuing ministerial development are available to all in authorised ministry within the diocese. These are usually available on an understanding of 1/3 from the charge, 1/3 from the individual and 1/3 from the diocese, but there is some discretion.Grants are assessed at quarterly meetings in the first weeks of March, June, September, November. Written reports are expected after the use of the grant.
Forms and further information available from the convenor of DMMC.

Youth and Childrens’ Grants

Small grants are available, intended to help work with children and young people in individual charges. They are typically around £100, although larger sums will be considered. The application form is short, and there is currently no deadline for applications. Applications and enquiries are welcome at any time: contact Claire Benton-Evans or download a form from the Diocesan website here.

Examples of previous projects that have been supported by Diocesan Youth and Children Grants:

· Sunday school resources

· A slide for a church toddler group

· New Christian books for a church’s children’s corner

· Gardening equipment for a children’s gardening activity in the church grounds

· A contribution towards food and resources for a children’s Light party to mark Hallowe’en

St Hilda’s Grants for Mission:

After the sale of St Hilda’s building, the money has been invested in the mission of the diocese. Three grants are available each year of up to £5000 each for a mission project in a local charge. Meetings to decide these are the same as for CMD grants (first week of March, June, September, November). Forms available from DMMC Convenor