Dementia: Body, Mind and Spirit

dementia-imageAn Adventures in Faith event:

Saturday 26 November 10.30 coffee, 11 – 1pm at St Paul’s & St George’s Church, Edinburgh

As the world’s population ages, dementia is becoming increasingly common as a lived experience for people with the condition, and others. Dementia is often thought of as affecting the mind, but it frequently affects a wide range of bodily functions. Together we will explore: How do these changes relate to the spiritual lives of those with dementia and their families? What kind of ‘adventure in faith’ lies ahead? And how can church communities support them?

Facilitated by John Starr, Director of the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre and Professor of Health & Ageing at the University of Edinburgh; he is a consultant physician with a longstanding special interest in dementia and cognitive disorders. John holds a PhD in Hebrew and Biblical Studies and is shortly being licensed as a Lay Reader within the Diocese.

Bookings via Adventures in Faith: £15(£12) cheque payable to Edinburgh Diocesan Synod, 21A Grosvenor Cres, Edinburgh EH12 5EL

Bursary help available, please enquire.