Eco Congregation Scotland

Eco-Congregation Scotland is an ecumenical movement helping local groups of Christians link environmental issues to their faith, reduce their environmental impact, and engage with the community. Currently over half of the congregations in the Edinburgh diocese are engaging with the eco-congregations material.

A prayer by St Hildegard of Bingen:

The soul is like a wind that waves over herbs,
Is like the dew that moistens the grass
Is like the rain-soaked air that lets things grow.
In the same way you should radiate kindness
To all who are filled with longing.
Be a wind, helping those in need.
Be a dew, consoling the abandoned.
Be the rain-soaked air, giving heart to the weary.
Filling their hunger with life.

Let us dedicate our days to vividness,
the energy of love singing through creation.
May our eyes awaken to the beauty of all life.
May our ears hear the harmony of nature.
May our minds be enlightened.
May our hearts soften knowing we are held in Love’s embrace.
May our voices speak boldly of our unity.
For we are feathers on the breath of God.