Buildings & Quiet Spaces

Most of us at various times in our days need a bit of peace and quiet. We also need opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as well; to find a bit of space, space in which we can reflect, meditate, pray or just to ‘sit and be’.

The Diocese of Edinburgh is blessed with many places in which this ‘quiet space’ can be found. Our church buildings and our gardens offer sanctuary and an oasis of calm to anyone who may seek it.

Holy Cross Church, Edinburgh

Many of our buildings are open during the day and if not there are often ‘wayside chapels’ in porches and benches in the gardens where one can find sanctuary in the midst of a busy day. ‘Sacred space’ which this becomes is re-energising for both the body and the soul.

Why not try exploring the ‘sacred space’ offered by your local church?

Or try the simple Celtic approach of drawing a circle around yourself, in the air, with the intention of making your immediate space sacred, then relax into that sanctuary and spend some quality time with God and yourself.

st_cuthberts_hawickCreate around me God,
a place of stillness and of peace;
a place where I might find the time
to reflect and relax;
a place where I might hear your
still small voice;
a place where I might be renewed.

(Adapted form the Scottish Episcopal Church website.)