The Stations of the Cross at The Church of the Good Shepherd

The Church of the Good Shepherd


I recently asked Carol, a member of The Church of the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield, to share a little about the annual installation of the Stations of the Cross in their garden.

I have been aware of a spiritual presence in our church garden ever since I joined the church of the Good Shepherd over twenty years ago. This/His Presence is felt by many people who come to our garden, and particularly during Lent when the Stations of the Cross are in position. When Dean Fostekew became our Rector, he too was aware that the garden was a special place; probably  made more so, as part of it is consecrated for the interment of ashes.

During Lent, Dean places the Stations of the Cross in order around the garden; the journey beginning at the entrance gate beside the bench seat. This year, each of the texts is mounted on a slate background, attached to a wooden stake, which is hammered into the ground. One has to enter by the gate, and walk through the garden, in order to reach the hall which is used by many different groups of people in the community. Thus, the Stations of the Cross are visible not only by all who require access to the hall, but also from the road outside; serving as both a witness to our faith and an invitation to the curious.

On Passion Sunday, the congregation meets at the gate beside the first Station of the Cross, where prayers are said before entering the church for the 10am service. On Palm Sunday, the congregation processes from the hall, through the garden, waving their palms and singing all the way to the church door and inside. Then on Holy Tuesday, everybody from Murrayfield Churches Together is welcomed to an early evening service in the garden, where we stop at each Station of the Cross for a reading.

If you would like to join The Church of the Good Shepherd for any of their Easter services, or to walk the Stations of the Cross in their garden, visit their website for directions and contact details.