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One or both of us have been married before. Can we still get married in a church?

If this is the case, please speak to the rector of the church you would like to get married in or with the priest who you have asked to conduct the marriage. Your chosen priest will speak with you and you may be asked to attend a marriage preparation course at a church within the diocese. You will also be required to complete a Canon XXXI form and return it to the Bishop for his approval however your priest will guide you through this.

In short, the answer is yes! You can still get married in a church.

If I live in England can I get married in Scotland?

Of course! The requirements vary so please do read the information from the National Records of Scotland and familiarise yourselves with this and make sure you abide by the notice periods.

We are a same sex couple. How do we find a priest who will marry us?

We have many priests in all corners of the diocese who are registered to conduct same sex marriages. Simply contact Sam on 0131 538 7044 or at BishopsPA@dioceseofedinburgh.org and she will help from there.

Can we get married in a Scottish Episcopal Church but use another minister?

The church building may be used for a wedding conducted by another Christian minister.*

This will be on the basis of ‘ecumenical hospitality’ – which means that the Minister concerned and the couple are responsible for the legalities and details of the service, and they should communicate clearly the Warden or Rector as to the details of the service.

*with all or some of the following recommendations:

  • The use of the church is in agreement with the vestry
  • One of the wardens or, indeed, the Rector should be present to offer a formal welcome to the congregation at the start of the service.
  • That the couple be required to provide an order of service in good time beforehand.

Can an SEC priest marry us in another venue?

Of course we would rather you chose one of our beautiful churches but with the agreement of the priest and permission from the bishop (don’t worry – the priest will email on your behalf!), yes. Otherwise, the only requirement is that the priest alerts the local Rector about your plans and uses the Marriage Liturgy.

If you have any other questions about marriage, getting married or finding a priest to conduct the service, please contact your local rector in the first instance.


Broken Rites is an interdenominational group offering mutual support and information to separated and divorced spouses and partners of clergy and ministers. Our website is www.brokenrites.org . We can be contacted through the Contact Us page of the website

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