Diocesan Office Resources: The Diocesan Office


The Diocesan Office is the administrative centre of the diocese, and is where the Bishop of Edinburgh has an office.  As well as handling all the financial, legal and governance matters associated with operating a charity, we provide resources for our churches (known as “charges”).  These range from a payroll service to printing magazines/newsletters and service booklets.  From time to time, training is offered, including days for treasurers, web and magazine editors, and PVG Coordinators.  A major part of the funding of the office comes from the charges, so providing these services is a very important part of our work.

The members of the office staff work with a blend of home working and working from the Diocesan Office. If you are intending to visit us, please get in touch with us before visiting/before you drop in. Go to our “Who’s Who” page for full staff contact details, including all our email addresses and Direct Dial phone numbers.

Edinburgh Diocesan Office
21a Grosvenor Crescent
EH12 5EL

0131 538 7033


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