Enabling Ministry

Serving God in the world and in our churches takes many different forms. Our calling as disciples propels us towards ministry to others and to God. Ministry in the church can include leading intercessions, preparing refreshments, welcoming worshippers, speaking of our faith, teaching our young people, caring for our housebound…. the list is endless and all are vitally important for the building up of the Body of Christ and the proclamation of God’s love for and in the world.

Some roles within the church setting are authorised by the church structure and authorisation comes after a period of discernment and training.

The Scottish Episcopal Church have trained individuals in every diocese to accompany people along the journey as they seek to discern whether they have a call to ordained ministry, whether priestly or diaconal.

All the details are available here. If you and those around you are sensing that you have a call to ordained ministry or to lay readership in the church, the first person to speak to is your rector or chaplain, who will either contact the Warden of Lay Readers in the diocese or the Provincial Director of Ordinands. Your rector or chaplain will also help as you go through the process.

For those in authorised ministry in the diocese, there are a range of opportunities to continue their development:

    • Continuing Ministerial Development provision in the Diocese is open to all in authorised ministry and offers opportunities at all different stages of your ministry.
    • Initial Ministry Education (first three years of authorised ministry): This is to support and appraise an ordinand’s or lay reader candidate’s progress in academic studies and as they are formed to exercise the church‟s public ministry.
    • Lay Readers: The heart of a Lay Reader’s ministry is preaching and teaching, but they also engage with other areas of church and community life according to their own gifts and and interests, and the needs of the people amongst whom they serve.