Faith in a changing climate

Cross-shaped telegraph pole sticking out from a body of waterWith Creation Tide nearly upon us, now is a great time to be thinking about what our faith means in a changing climate.

Hope for the Future and USPG have produced a powerful resource of stories from around the world church for use by individuals and congregations.The 32-page advocacy and resource booklet gives an introductory guide to climate change and shares stories that show how the world church is grappling with climate change. It offers resources on what we should be doing as a result – both at an individual level and by acting collectively as a church or community. These include prayers and a bible study, as well as information on how to engage politically by lobbying your MP.

You can read a digital version below and download a pdf here: Faith in a Changing Climate (PDF).

You can also order printed copies for use in your congregation directly from the USPG website.

Go to USPG’s climate page for more on:

  • the action needed now to prevent global disaster;
  • information on learning how to lobby your MP;
  • the Pray and Fast for the Climate movement; and
  • a host of lifestyle tips to help combat global warming.

Please contact Siân, the Communications Coordinator, if this is something you’d like to know more about.

(Photo credit: Giovanni Arechavaleta)