“Like so much else, our Lent Appeal this year must take account of the pandemic.
Many congregations are responding generously to local need, such as foodbanks and support services for the lonely and the anxious and I hope this will continue into Lent and beyond. My concern is that this focus on the locaI and personal, on simply getting through the crisis, takes our attention away from pressing needs in other parts of the world, where there is no NHS, no benefits safety-net and where life is constrained by poverty. Hence my proposal that this year we support a single, outward-looking cause.

The Together in Unity Appeal was set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury to support virus prevention and emergency relief for vulnerable communities across the Anglican Communion. At a time when the UK government has, disappointingly, decided to cut international aid this provides an opportunity for us to reach out in solidarity to our sisters and brothers, our neighbours in this small world, whom Jesus calls us to love as we love ourselves.

I know there is less money around this year but I would ask you to be generous. Perhaps we might see our giving as an expression of gratitude for the blessings that we so easily take for granted.”

The Anglican Communion Fund has already begun responding to COVID related needs, allocating over £180,000 across 21 provinces of the Communion. We are supporting the Church in its ministry, providing food relief to the vulnerable, communicating ways of staying safe from the virus, and providing handwashing facilities and PPE.

In the South Sudanese Diocese of Maridi, an ACF grant provided food items, soaps and seeds to over 200 pastors and lay-readers and provided bicycles and hand microphones for pastors to carry prevention messages into remote areas.Speaking of the support, Bishop Moses Zungo said, “You held our hand during our most trying moments.”

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