Meditation for Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is one of the quieter, more contemplative days of the Christian calendar. Holy Trinity Church in Haddington runs a Christian meditation group, and we’re delighted that its leader, Jan Bundy, has shared some reflections with us for this special, silent day.

Holy Saturday is a day of silence. It is the day after the sorrow of Good Friday and the day before the great joy of Easter. It is the day in between. And in that it is important.

Holy Saturday teaches us that God works in the silence… God works within us even when all seems empty. If we sit in consciously in the silence of expectation the Spirit works within and gradually we grow in hope and awareness of God within the present moment. This is what we do when we practise Contemplative Meditation.

At Holy Trinity, Haddington, there are now two meditation groups which meet fortnightly to practice this type of silent meditation, the Prayer of the Heart. By meditating in this way we find that our lives are slowly changed as we discover peace that comes from learning just to ‘be’,      to be in silence with others and on our own. But the changes are never for us alone, the more our heart is opened the more we learn to reach out to others and give love and attention.

This accompanying short video tells us a little more about this type of prayer: silent prayer for a silent day.